Complete Guide How to Install Tile on Bathroom Floor

If you want to save money when installing tiles on your bathroom floor, you have landed on the right page. From our extensive experience, we know that you can give your old and worn out floor a completely new look with elegant tile with ease. Once you learn how to install your ceramic floor tiles neatly using the right procedures, you will get a nice floor at an affordable cost. Here are the steps that you should follow to achieve your goal without breaking the bank.

Get the Right Materials

There are many types of tiles out there. Be sure you go for one that is not only long-lasting but also aesthetically pleasing to the look. Another secret that many successful people have is that they purchase more tiles than they would require. If you are in doubt, you should make it around 15% more. This way, you will have no problems when you cut many others to fit narrow spaces or a few breaks.

Once you are sure you have the best quality tile, you should make the next step and buy thin-set mortar and grout. You will need these two items to lock the tiles tightly together. Decide well in advance whether you will buy pre-mix or unmixed mortar. If you go for the latter, be ready to add a little water to it for a good mixture.

You will also have to buy the right installation tools before you start the real work. Ensure you have a measuring tape, cement board, and utility knife. Other than these, you should buy two large buckets, a large sponge, and a notched trowel. Moreover, buy hammer and roofing nails, tile cutter or wet saw, and tile spacers.

There is another important group of tools that you urgently need. These are level square and chalk line, knees pads, grout float, and sealant. Before you make your next move, ensure you have all of these tools. Otherwise, you may find the going too tough as time goes by. At the same time, you may not be able to move to the laying foundation stage successfully. Remember, without ELD devices, fleet managers cannot guarantee safety. The same applies here.

Lay the Foundation

Be sure your floor is clean and dry. Besides, make the floor flat, solid, and well-bonded. Experts say you can achieve this if you make your floor as well as subfloor at least 1-1/8 inches thick. You should also not forget to remove any objects that are on the floor. Consequently, mix an amount of thin-set mortar that you can use within one hour. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

You should then use your notched trowel to spread a thin layer of the set on your subfloor. For the best outcome, you should quickly spread it and be sure it is even. Use your cement board to fit the space. For you to be able to cover the entire floor well, apply a layer of thin-set mortar over the joints.

Once you have fit the space, you need to take a break. As you wait for several hours or a day, prepare the reference lines. Once it is dry, use your mason’s chalk line to discover easily removable reference lines. Before you start laying the tiles, be sure you have two intersecting chalk lines that you will be using to lay the first one.

Lay Tile

Start by laying out one horizontal and vertical row of tiles across the entire floor. If you find it necessary, shift the tiles as well. This way, you will ensure that that you do not cut tiles at the entrance of some strategic places, including the entrance to your bathroom.

Move to the far corner of the room and start setting your first tile there. Do this as you head towards the doorway. For you to be able to establish even grout lines, use your tile spacers to lay many pieces of tile. You also need to put some pressure on the tile to go into the mortar and set a level across their tops. This way, you will be able to ensure there are no air bubbles underneath and the tiles are perfectly flat.

Grout Bathroom Floor Tile

Before you start adding grout, you should pull the till spacers out. After that, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix your sanded grout with water. You need to be careful just as managers of fleets of vehicles who use electronic logging devices are for you to do good work. Keeptruckin ELD features top ELD devices that are your most important tools for ensuring safety. For the best results, the managers and drivers carefully follow the instructions.

Using your trowel, scoop an adequate amount of grout onto the file floor. If you notice an excess, grout, quickly remove it.

Once you do that, take a break of about two days. The time will make the grout to cure. If you can, ensure the humidifier remains on during this period. By doing this, you will help the grout gain in strength.

Bottom Line

Many people who start tiling their bathrooms once they plan and have the correct materials say the experience is satisfying and cheap. It does not require lots of experience or training. Only do your best to know where you can get the best products, how you can lay your tiles, and grout your floors. This way, you will be set to go without any problems.

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