Find Beautiful Keepsakes in Ceramic Home Décor

The multipurpose utility of ceramics offers a wide spectrum of creative expression, from tiling to novelty items. For those who do not have a clear idea about this age-old medium, simply know that it derives from high-temperature processing of a non-metallic mineral such as sand or clay. In the hands of an experienced artist, the glazed material is a wonderful medium to fashion flower vases, fancy tea mugs, or dishes. It is a very ancient tradition, hundreds and thousands of years old. Porcelain remnants are common in excavation sites of old Europe, Greater Asia, (especially China) and the Middle East.

Wonderful gifts

So, you see, although it may come fresh out of the artist’s studio, yet it still carries a very old heritage of creativity. This vintage value of ceramic products indeed makes them highly adorable as collectibles. They are fantastic options for meeting your interior décor requirements. You can also buy them as gifts for your loved ones. These exclusive gift items really have a special way of expressing care and affection. With their smooth rounded edges and crafted textures, they are pleasant to hold in the palms and looked with admiration. Look up the available keepsakes from someone who makes them with delicate love and attention.

Ceramic flower vases are quite common to buy from shops. However, how about a vase that you can customize just as you want it to be? Imagine gifting one to your girlfriend with her name beautifully designed on the vase! That should really tell something about the heartfelt feelings you want to express. As for gifts for couples, the speckled ceramic mugs certainly offer the perfect reasons why you should enjoy the next helping of coffee together. See the stars of love twinkle in your eyes just like those speckles on the warm mug of coffee that you hold. Also, order a set of the speckled dish to use with the mugs. Together, it should make a fine-looking set.

Every home should have its touch of inner greenery. Get a beautiful ceramic planter to place your houseplant in the balcony. It is easy to maintain and the clay soil does not stick to it anymore. Made from clay, but now fortified with brilliant glaze in going through the extreme heat of the kiln, this is a story of magical transformation. Look up cute dollies to gift to the kids. Ceramic dolls are so sweet that they can brighten up anyone brilliantly! However, as ceramic needs to be handled with care, they may not be safe to play around. Keep them in a safe place from where they do not fall and break.

Ceramic tiles décor

Apart from these wonderful novelty gifts, commissioning custom ceramic tiles for your home décor is an excellent idea. You can either consider covering up significant floor space with ceramic tiles or look for more specific artistic works to cover a wall mural with ceramic tiles. These are easy to maintain and only require mopping with a regular detergent solution to display its shine. Remember to wipe the tiles with a piece of dry cloth though. Otherwise, the dried marks of water tend to set upon it, giving it a hazy look.

These units are relatively cheaper than stone tiles and are easier to install as well. An active homemaker can install ceramic tiles as a Sunday DIY project, with some basic experience with masonry and following simple instructions. Alternately, you can also call the professional service from where you obtained the tiles to do the flooring. This could be the right idea especially when the tiles need cutting near the wall.

The grout in between the tiles needs special attention, both during installation and during wiping. When you install, use a specific grout sponge to wipe off the excess residue over the tiles. Wait for a few moments after it dries and then use a dry wiper to remove the white stains. Similarly, for daily maintenance as well, in the end always use a clean and dry wipe to keep the tiles sparkling clean.

Find the studio

Ceramic products can become more cost effective if you can skip the middleman and contact directly with the production studio. Get in touch with the artist. Talk about your requirements. Try to be specific. Explain the color and texture you want to see with color samples. Look around the shop to find gift items for your friends and relatives. Discuss your budget. Given the versatility of ceramics, it is convenient to offer uniquely customized items over a wide range.

An experienced professional can provide the guarantee that the tiles would not be brittle or fading its colors all too soon. Of course, the quality varies depending on the manufacturing techniques applied to derive a particular outcome. It depends on your requirements, just as you want to see the ceramic floor. Once you are clear about the estimates of time, budget and creative expectations, commission your order right away!    

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