Here are a few Simple Maintenance Tips for Ceramic Tiles

The versatility of ceramics renders it suitable for both commercial and novelty utility. Apart from being a medium for artistic novelty items, it is an age-old medium for architectural brilliance. The artistry seen on ancient architectural heritage such as the Dome of The Rock, Jerusalem is breathtakingly brilliant! Very old porcelain vases and vessels from the Orient still continue to amaze onlookers at the purity of its artistry. These thousand-year-old artifacts indeed deliver a solid testimony on the sturdiness of this glazed material.

Time tested

They survived rain and hailstorms, fire and mud, and even today, shine just like the day the artists made them. The fact that it is a commonplace thing which you can avail anytime from a professional ceramic worker is rather encouraging. Besides its utility as a medium of creating keepsakes, commercial uses include installation of ceramic tiles on the floor and walls. It is both cost-effective and aesthetic. What’s more, they are easily replaceable and do not take much effort to maintain as well.

Spick and span

Homeowners can also combine artistry with practicality by looking for custom design tiling in ceramics. These should make a beautiful wall mural in the washroom or the bedroom. Speckled designs look excellently quaint, imparting a simple earthy feeling to the cool floors. You do not need various special chemicals to wash these. They are washable by commonplace tile cleaners, and even by household items such as the slightly acidic lemon juice and vinegar solution.

Check out these expert tips to keep your ceramic tiles spick and span all the year around. Try to wipe them daily with a mop and a dry cloth; if not, then, at least try every two days. In any case, try this cleaning routine at least once a week!

First, sweep the surface well. This removes the grime tending to settle down especially on the glazed surface. The feet constantly carry this thin dirty layer soaked with the sweat from under the toes. If the tiles start to look dull, it is because of the settling of this oily on it. Better than sweeping, consider using a vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleanup. Dust does not settle on it unless it is wet. Next thing to do is to get a good floor mop. Do not use the sponge type as it tends to push the dirty water in the intermediate grout lines, causing the grime to settle in there. Instead, utilize the rag or chamois type mopping for the job.

Attend to all the corners, especially at the places where the floor touches the wall. Keep changing the dirty water as soon as it starts to get cloudy. Otherwise, it is all in vain, dirtying your own work.

In case, you have a particularly stubborn stain, try to find out what caused it so that you can use a specific stain remover. If you got blood stains upon the tiles in your kitchen floor, use a solution of detergent. Get some chlorine bleach to restore the original cleanliness. Use baking soda and vinegar to remove rust stains. Do remember to wash the place thoroughly with clean water in the end to remove any odorous vinegar residues. Keep a stiff bristled brush handy to gently scrape out the dirt stuck in the grouts. Whether you use vinegar or not, wash the tiles with fresh water and wipe it gently with a piece of clean dry cloth so as not to cause watermarks on the floor anyway!   

Installing at home

Finding a local service to inquire about setting up custom-designed ceramic tiles in your home is definitely a positive idea. Look up these reasons why it is so.

  • You can manage the cost according to your budget. Discuss your requirements with the professional service. The price can be very basic to a comparatively upper range depending on your design sense. Also, the scope of customization is huge. An expert can provide you tiles of the exact color you require even though it may be hard to find anywhere else.
  • These are low maintenance products, as you already read above. Quality tiles are scratch resistant as well. Besides, it is an extremely hygienic choice because they do not hold on to dust, which acts as a crucible for germs to breed.
  • They are highly durable products. Still, in the event that you break or chip one, contact the service provider to replace it. Replacement is very easy and does not affect surround tiles.
  • Ceramic is definitely a viable solution for setting up a green home. The environment products use clay and sand as its raw materials. It also keeps your house cooler in the summer and thereby helping you to reduce energy bills. For the winter, they may also have some insulating qualities.

Apart from tiles, you can also purchase beautiful items such as mugs, dishes, dolls, and flower vases from a qualified ceramic artist. These are great for home decoration and also as unique gift items to your loved ones.

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